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The Past Behind (REX)

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12″ Vinyl EP and cassette
REX 1988

Nina Llopis: bass, vocals
Julio Rey: guitar, vocals
Robbie Christie: drums

Produced by The Lead and Mike McNamee
Recorded at Sync Studios, Miami, 1988

1. Abomination (Rey)
2. National Pride (Rey)
3. He Won’t Take A Joke (Rey)
4. No Religion (Rey)
5. Old Warrior (Rey)
6. Tunnel Vision (Christie, Llopis, Rey)
7. Puritan (Rey)
8. Jesus Became Sin (Rey)

Notes by Darrel Mikulcik/Caustic Fallout:

REX release produced by Mike McNamee for Mac-Attack Productions & The Lead | Exec Producer: Doug Mann
re-released 2006 on Retroactive Records # RAR7820 on cd (Hardcore for Jesus, anthology)